Hello, I'm Tanya Brasch.  Thank You for contacting me in these compelling times.  There is a divine providence that has brought us together. Probably like yourself, I seek to bring a peace and harmony to my life.  We all experience loss in many ways and seek to find meaning in the grace of light.  My work with Light Beings became accelerated about eight years ago.  Since ancient times these Light Beings have guided us.  I am in contact with them as an Emissary bringing people together and bridging realms together.  Would you like to feel the presence of a deceased loved one?  Would you like to meet others who have an interest in learning helpful tools in metaphysics?  I have a background in the healing arts that include neurology, nutrition, comparative religion and a profound love for nature. Please share with me an art in bringing forth a new renaissance of hope and joy in these times of transition.

Having true wellness in life is all about connection to mind, body, soul. The human race is starving for connection. Developing this allows more clarity, more energy and vitality. There are several ways to enhance this connection. The nervous system healing modalities, sound and light therapies just to mention a few. Consciousness becomes expanded to the level of knowing you are connected to everything and everyone in the universe. At this level of knowing connections to Light Beings or ETs include inter-dimensional, extra-dimensional and dimensional light beings. We have Nature Spirits that help us in everyday life. This expanded knowing lends itself to a multidimensional life, a life without fear. Unconditional love is abounding. Grace and ease is the theme and downloaded knowledge is integrated over the awakening process. All it takes is the art of allowing and patience.  At Galactic Medium, allowing connection to your Star Family of light gives you a real understanding of your benevolent family, personal connection of helpful wisdom and knowledge that guides your life. This strengthens your own connection and expands your inner light to all that is.   

My Story

Certified Spirit Medium by the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Art

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