My Offerings To You

Connecting to a loved one and two to three light beings (your family of light), as well as the Relic Keeper who will present you with a symbolic gift which is a tool that will guide you to the next open door of your journey.

-- One session for $120.00

If you feel that you are in need of a more energetic connection, I would suggest this four session package which will help on all levels of your energy field. 


One session per week for four weeks (30 minutes each).

In each session I will conduct one of the following healing techniques:

• sound tuning with healing forks

• advanced neurological healing connection

• drumming and aura cleansing

• crystal grid healing where I place a grid and energetically move any debris in your field

-- four 30 minute sessions for $144.00

Ask about my master craft medium sessions to launch your business.

Upon receipt of payment I will contact you to schedule our phone/skype reading

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Certified Spirit Medium by the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Art

Having true wellness in life is all about connection. Developing this is the key to clarity, joy, grace, ease and abundance. As your Galactic medium I will work with you on those key connections .