Nataliya Peck - "Tanya’s reading for me brought lots of my “puzzle pieces” together.  Being a healer and intuitive psychic myself I am blown away by her powerful energy and clear vision.  She put names and explanations to the spirits I always communicated with but was missing the whole picture.  One amazing thing happens every time I am in her presence (in person or over the phone): my own vision gets amplified and for the next few weeks I go through amazing transformations. It felt like she was a catalyst for some process that was dormant and waiting for the right time to come. I know we all see and hear different ways and my vision of the world is slightly different from Tanya’s but I am so glad I was able to be open-minded and let her do what she does.  At the end my brain painted a picture that fit in my version of truth. I grew and developed more insights on my own afterwards, but the reading was a great eye-opener. Thank You, Tanya."