Mary - "My session and experience with Tanya Brasch was very positive uplifting and helpful. It confirmed what I already knew within myself.  It also confirmed things I often pondered about myself. This is just the point; you will know what resides within you after your session. For those of you that may be wondering Tanya did not know any of the people that came to her that had been in my life. The spirits and energies that came fourth were to do with me and my personal life. Being open is very important, be encouraged and be prepared to feel some amazing emotions. All good! These are very on track and special readings in my opinion. I set up a time with Tanya; she was prompt and called me on time for the appointment I had made. Remember to have paper and pen in order to write down the information provided. Have questions ready before you scheduled appointment so you will not forget items you wish to discuss. Enjoy the experience and be blessed."